Arteepee's Watch Collection

Although I certainly can appreciate  a modern watch round my wrist, it doesn't compare to the feeling of having a part of history in your hands . Vintage watches not only are mechanical pieces of art. With just a little care and tenderness they are able to tell time long after we have passed. Most of them have an interesting story to tell. And off course nowadays all major watch brands are once again in touch with their own history when re-issueing icons of the past. Let me take you on a tour through my (vintage) watch collection and the story behind these treasures. Find your favorite watch brand at the top of this page and go explore. Enjoy!

Swiss watches

OMEGA, TISSOT, ETERNA, LONGINESCERTINA and ORIS are some of my favourite Swiss watch brands. All with a rich history and widely available when it comes to vintage models. 

American watches

Until the sixties the Americain watch industry was a major player. Although some moved to Switzerland, they still entail the Americain vibe for me. HAMILTON is a brand I love dearly but also BULOVA, BALL, VULCAIN and WALTHAM can be found in my collection.  And off course world's largest brand when it came to selling watches before the quartz crisis, TIMEX

French watches

YEMA is an absolute love brand of mine when it comes to their vintage watches from the late 60's and early 70's. Together with LIP they were the leading French watch brands together with KELTON (French TIMEX). YEMA was very active in exporting their watches all over the world so CROSBY, EISENHARDT and UNION ANCRE can also be called French watches.


Mechanical watches


Most of the watches in my collection are mechanical watches. But not all. There are some electro-mechanical powered watches, the famous tuningfork Accutron movement and a few late quartz powered watches. Go explore and figure out which is which. 

Furthermore I try to post each day on my Instagram account so don't hesitate to follow me and stay in touch with my most recent acquired watches and memorabilia. 

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10 months ago

"TIMEX Electric Calendar 'Hanomag' (1971)

To celebrate their 125 years anniversary Hannover Hanomag Tractors issued a TIMEX Electric watch in 1971 with the Hanomag logo printed on the dial."
Hanomag was founded in 1871. Aha, their 100th birthday. First tractors were built by them in 1912.

a year ago

Thank you for information about rally kelton, i still have mine when i bought when i have 12 yrs.

Chris Wintersgil
2 years ago

This is a great site. Amazing collection! I was looking through your Olympic collection and saw the Canadian Olympic Timex. I recently found one of these mechanical hand-wind models out in the wild with the original bracelet if you are interested in another picture for your site.

Have a great day.

Sanford Friedman
2 years ago

I have had a square timex electric with a blue face, a day window, and roman numerals stamped on the metal around the face (outside the dial). The case is stamped made in Great Britain. I'd like to know more about it if possible including what battery to fine for it. I'm not a collector, I'm just old and don't throw things out if they still work. - Thank you, Sandy Friedman

3 years ago

R, wat is dit een heerlijke site om te grasduinen.
Niet alleen mooie horloges uit een periode die mij ook aanspreekt, maar ook de snuisterijen en advertenties die prima illustreren dat ' kort geleden' misschien aantrekkelijker is dan high tech nieuwste van het nieuwste.

Frank "Arnhem"

3 years ago

What a great website. Very well organised, and some outstanding watches of all types and brands. Highly recommended, and will check back often!