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Although I certainly can appreciate  a modern watch round my wrist, it doesn't compare to the feeling of having a part of history in your hands . Vintage watches not only are mechanical pieces of art. With just a little care and tenderness they are able to tell time long after we have passed. Most of them have an interesting story to tell. And off course nowadays all major watch brands are once again in touch with their own history when re-issueing icons of the past. Let me take you on a tour through my (vintage) watch collection and the story behind these treasures. Enjoy!

What's new?

Here you will find the latest add-ons in my collection and the story behind them. Click on the picture to go directly to the web page.

May 24, 2020: Longines Dive watches

For Longines it started with the Longines Nautilus Skin Diver (ref. 6921). Their answer to the rapidly expanding market for dive watches in the late 1950's. In the early 1960's followed by the Longines ...

May 12, 2020: TIMEX Sprite Nurse's Calendar

This TIMEX Sprite is special because of the blue Pulsations bezel. It's a watch to be used by nurses to measure one's hartbeat, hence the inscription "based on 30 pulsations".

May 7, 2020: TIMEX Sprite Calendar

I recently acquired two magnificent TIMEX Sprite watches in NOS condition on their original rubber strap and with a pristine original bezel. Those of you who collect vintage TIMEX watches as I do, know ......

March 24, 2020: OMEGA Seamaster De Ville

Before the De Ville became a stand-alone collection of watches, Omega used this De Ville name for some of the dress watches of the Seamaster collection. The De Ville was born in 1960 .....

March 21, 2020: LONGINES Pocket Watch 7 Grand Prix

Calibre 18.69N. The N stands for New. Longines produced the 18.69 movement,  robust and of a high quality, from 1895 on. In 1908 they started with .....

March 19, 2020: TIMEX Formula One Emerson Fittipaldi watch

Although TIMEX has produced several Skindiver and Sport watches in the seventies, the TIMEX Sports Emerson Fitipaldi is the only one they speciffically made for one sport .....

March 16, 2020: TISSOT Seastar Quartz Arabic Crest

Watches with Arabic crests. Most Swiss watch brands issued special versions of their models upon special requests in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Famous and much sought after are .....

March 14, 2020: TIMEX Electric Day-Date World Timer

A stunning NOS TIMEX Electric with a pristine worldtimer bezel. The watch originates from Italy and the bezel is in French. Nice detail is that both Anchorage as well as Skagway .......

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12 days ago

R, wat is dit een heerlijke site om te grasduinen.
Niet alleen mooie horloges uit een periode die mij ook aanspreekt, maar ook de snuisterijen en advertenties die prima illustreren dat ' kort geleden' misschien aantrekkelijker is dan high tech nieuwste van het nieuwste.

Frank "Arnhem"

4 months ago

What a great website. Very well organised, and some outstanding watches of all types and brands. Highly recommended, and will check back often!