Arteepee's Watch Collection

Although I certainly can appreciate  a modern watch round my wrist, it doesn't compare to the feeling of having a part of history in your hands . Vintage watches not only are mechanical pieces of art. With just a little care and tenderness they are able to tell time long after we have passed. Most of them have an interesting story to tell. And off course nowadays all major watch brands are once again in touch with their own history when re-issueing icons of the past. Let me take you on a tour through my (vintage) watch collection and the story behind these treasures. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the latest additions to the collection and their story. Or find your favorite watch brand at the top of this page and go explore. Enjoy!

What's new?

Here you will find the latest add-ons in my collection or the story behind them. Click on the picture to go directly to the web page.

July 2nd, 2022: Special NOS Yema Meangraf Junior 

A beautiful addition to the collection with a special story. It was offered at eBay France as a NOS 'boitier' which means case in French. Here we have a Yema Meangraf Junior in pristine condition with the original sticker which partly covers the case back ...

June 26th, 2022: Q TIMEX Quartz Crosshair Red Dot

A very lucky buy at a local watch & clocks trade fair brought me this fantastic Q TIMEX Quartz day-date. In pristine condition and on the original stainlesss steel bracelet. A model I was hunting for for a long time and one of the most outspoken Q Timexes ...

June 16th, 2022: Q TIMEX Quartz Mercedes Hour Hand

My latest vintage Q TIMEX acquisition is this Q TIMEX Quartz Day-Date from 1979. Just like the original Q TIMEX Quartz Pepsi it has a Mercedes hour hand. This is rare because TIMEX never used these hands on their watches that were displayed in their catalogs. 

October 14th, 2021: TIMEX Electric Calendar 'Hanomag"

To celebrate their 100 year anniversary Hannover Hanomag Tractors issued a TIMEX Electric watch in 1971 with the Hanomag Tractors logo printed on the dial. It's unknown if these watches were given to management, employees ...

October 10th, 2021: KELTON Trial

One of the much sought after vintage TIMEX is the BLACK MAX. A full black sporty TIMEX which was promoted through a tv ad campaign in cooperation with Maserati ...

September 25th, 2021: Kelton Fun Timer Time Capsule 

Very excited to aquire a full set of a Kelton Fun Timer from 1975. Look at that box. Nothing less than a true time capsule. The dust on the strap is proof that this it ...

August 19th, 2021: Hamilton Fontainebleau

September 8th, 2021: UNION Ancre 70's Diver

September 18th, 2021: UNION Ancre Parking Meter 60M

From 1968 until 1970 the Fontainebleau was a series of unique automatic watches of Hamilton. Most of the Fontainebleau line were big chunky watches like the one you see here. It has a Brevet waterproof case, sealed with ...

Came across a nice UNION Ancre diver from the seventies. Powered by a FE 233-69 manual wind movement so it's a French watch. Just love the sturdy look of the case and bezel combined with stylish details ...

Look at this fine piece of timekeeping with a special feature, the minute stop. A tregular watch which enables you to keep track on your parking meter. A very important feature back in the sixties ... 

July, 22nd 2021: Square cased TIMEX and KELTON Sprites (1969/1970)

July, 30th 2021: CROSBY Meangraf Diving (1970)

August 1, 2021: TIMEX Sprite 'Mondriaan'

These square cased TIMEX and KELTON Sprite watches you don't see too often. They are kind of dressy and stylish watches where the Sprite series was to become more sporty and adventurous in the years

This magnificent Crosby Diving watch, waterproof to 330 feet is in fact a French Yema Meangraf Diving, produced in the early 70's and exported to the United States so it could be sold as a Crosby watch. It came on the diving strap of that time ...

Is it a watch or is it art. I guess it is both! A beautiful colorful dial design combined with the rugged appearence of a 70's Skindiver. TIMEX hit it right on the nail. The first one I actually saw in the metal ...

July 15th: UNION Ancre Jump Hour

June 1st: TIMEX Champion Le Mans

May 31st: TIMEX Olympics 'his and hers'

My second UNION Ancre watch in my collection and my first jump hour watch. Powered bij the French Ebauche Cupillard 233-69A movement. I especially like the blue and red accents of the hours and minutes ...

American Champion Spark Plugs are a wellknown player in automotive. In 1978, against the might of Porsche, Renault's  2-litre Alpine A442, with the help of ...

Got myself a ladies and a mens version of a Timex Olympics. The ladies Electric from 1976 and the mens Q Quartz from 1977. The latter one in a stainless steel case!

May 6, 2021: Certina Art Deco 1940

April 24, 2021: TIMEX Sample watch

April 3, 2021: UNION Rallygraf Formica

It is not until 1939 that Kurth Freres registers the brand name Certina. and we can find it on their watches. In the early years, the watches are powered by KF movements (Kurth Freres) and not yet marked Certina ...

Back in the fifties and sixties TIMEX put a lot of effort in demonstrating the fact that their watches were waterproof and shock resistant. We al have seen the ads and tv commercials in which the TIMEX ...

A super rare version of the Yema Rallygraf Formica. We all know that Yema watches can be found under different brand names such as Le Jour, Eisenhardt, Cardinal etc. but this is the first one I have came ...

March 17, 2021: TITONI Airmaster 21 Jewels TITOFLEX

March 8, 2021: Captain TIMEX presents the TIMEX SUB

March 1, 2021: TIMEX Swing-a-Ling Fashion Watch

One of my Swiss 50's watches. The TITONI Airmaster 21 Jewels TITOFLEX. With a diameter of 35mm a nice modest dress watch. Just love the dial and the art deco like font they used as hour markers ...

TIMEX was a marketing and sales organisation in every aspect. Apart from an agressive distribution strategy and heavy advertising on national media like television and print, they also used specific campaigns to reach

This special TIMEX watch is a reissue of the TIMEX Swing-a-ling watch of the 1950's.  A time period where ladies watches were both timepieces as elegant jewelry. In 2001 TIMEX decided to bring back the ...

February 4, 2021: TISSOT PR Saphir series

December 24, 2020: KELTON Lucky Luke Promotion Watch

November 13, 2020: Ladies Tissot PR 100 Saphir

In the 80's and the 90's of the 20th Century Tissot released a series of Quartz watches which I got to know only recently but which appeal to me very much. As the PR Saphir name indicates the watches ...

Another childhood cartoon was Lucky Luke. The only man who could shoot faster than his shadow. And who had to deal with the Dalton brothers - a family of criminals he had to catch time after time .....

This ladies Tissot PR 100 Saphir Quartz is the dress watch model of this series. It has the same bi-color jubilee-like bracelet but has a totally different look ...

November 13, 2020 : Nepro Minisonic Alarm Clock

October 20, 2020: Ladies Tissot PR 100 Saphir

September 19, 2020: Omega Seamaster 200m Pre-Bond 

Look at this miniturized alarm clock from Nepro, called the Minisonic. At that time world's smallest mechanical clock with battery driven transistorized alarm. Measures only 3 by 2 by 2 cm. Nepro targeted ...

From the late 80's or early 90's comes this beautiful ladies Tissot PR 100 Saphir. With it's black wafle dial, bicolor bezel and bicolor jubilee steel bracelet it has unpresedented presence on a ladies wrist despite ...

This fabulous 2nd generation Seamaster Professional 200m diver is from 1992. It has a 18K yellow gold bezel and gold plated crown and stainless steel case and bracelet. The reference is DR 396.1062 which makes ...

September 12, 2020: My Hamilton Collection

August 25, 2020: Integrated bracelet / Corfam strap Omega Genève Dynamic

August 20, 2020: OMEGA Seamaster Professional 300M

For some reason I have always been a big fan of the early Hamilton watches. In the 50's and 60's one of the leading (American) watch brands in the world. Apart from the interesting movements like ...

The Omega Genève Dynamic has a special way to attach it's bracelet or strap. Both the stainless steel bracelet as the strap having a circular cut-out through which a raised central area of the case ...

This is the one that started it all. When arriving at the age of 40, I decided it was time to treat myself. I would buy my first high end watch. At the time I was getting my PADI Open Water certificate and desperately ...

August 14: TIMEX Sprite Checkbook Font

August 11 TIMEX Dashboard Watch

July 30, 2020: TIMEX Ladies Racing

Most 70's TIMEX watches are known for their eye-catching dial designs. An important part of these designs are the fonts TIMEX used as hour markers. This Sprite shows you an artified 'checkbook font', the ...

Untill now I hadn't seen one in the metal. The rare TIMEX Electric Dashboard Watch, to be used in your car, at your desk or even on your wrist. Altough it looks very futuristic, it is ...

The ladies weren't forgotten when it comes to being able to support their favourite racing heroes. In 1978 TIMEX issued a special black watch with chequered flag on the dial in a black case and ...

July 25, 2020: TIMEX Rallye Cup 1972

July 13, 2020: Oris Star ChronOris

July 13, 2020: Haste - Mexican Timex

Before TIMEX connected with Formula 1 Racing through their sponsorship of Emerson Fittipaldi, they were active in the Rallye Sport as this flyer of the TIMEX Cup 72 suggests ...

Introduced in 1970, designed in a joint venture with Dubois Dépraz, the ChronOris was the first ORIS watch with a chronograph function. Aimed at motor sport enthusiasts. At first the ChronOris ...

A TIMEX in disguise. That's what this Mexican Haste watch is all about. In the early 70's Harry Steele Y Cie imported and assembled watches from America and Europe to sell them under his own brand Haste ...

July 7, 2020: TIMEX 'Brick & Tile' Collection

June 25, 2020: NOS TIMEX Marlin Calendar Racing

June 23, 2020: NOS TIMEX Electric 12 hours bezel

In the early 70's TIMEX produced some interesting models. Bright colours, nice dial lay-outs, a range of interesting bezels in both pastic as metal. This contributed to that distinguished 70's look ...

A formal goldtone square case and bracelet combined with the sporty look of the dial due to this black and white racing striping ring. I absolutely love it! A perfect example of ...

The latest TIMEX Electric in my collection is this beautiful NOS piece on original Metalcolor TX bracelet with box and papers. The reference number is 76771 and it is diplayed in the Collezione 75 ...

June 8, 2020: TIMEX Telephone Dial references

June 5, 2020: KELTON Marlin Sports Diver

May 24, 2020: Longines Dive watches

One of the iconic models of TIMEX is the so called Telephone Dial, referring to the dial lay-out that resembles the old bakelite telephones we have come to know since the 1930's. Each hour marker on the dial ... 

One of the nicest Kelton watches in my collection is this KELTON with the Coke bezel. It's a Marlin Sports Diver off course but the unusual bezel stands out. After 1977, it was clear the 80's were coming ...

For Longines it started with the Longines Nautilus Skin Diver (ref. 6921). Their answer to the rapidly expanding market for dive watches in the late 1950's. In the early 1960's followed by the Longines ...

May 12, 2020: TIMEX Sprite Nurse's Calendar

May 7, 2020: TIMEX Sprite Calendar

March 24, 2020: OMEGA Seamaster De Ville

This TIMEX Sprite is special because of the blue Pulsations bezel. It's a watch to be used by nurses to measure one's hartbeat, hence the inscription "based on 30 pulsations".

I recently acquired two magnificent TIMEX Sprite watches in NOS condition on their original rubber strap and with a pristine original bezel. Those of you who collect vintage TIMEX watches as I do, know ......

Before the De Ville became a stand-alone collection of watches, Omega used this De Ville name for some of the dress watches of the Seamaster collection. The De Ville was born in 1960 .....

March 21, 2020: LONGINES Pocket Watch 7 Grand Prix

Calibre 18.69N. The N stands for New. Longines produced the 18.69 movement,  robust and of a high quality, from 1895 on. In 1908 they started with .....

March 19, 2020: TIMEX Formula One Emerson Fittipaldi watch

Although TIMEX has produced several Skindiver and Sport watches in the seventies, the TIMEX Sports Emerson Fitipaldi is the only one they speciffically made for one sport .....

March 16, 2020: TISSOT Seastar Quartz Arabic Crest

Watches with Arabic crests. Most Swiss watch brands issued special versions of their models upon special requests in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Famous and much sought after are .....

March 14, 2020: TIMEX Electric Day-Date World Timer

A stunning NOS TIMEX Electric with a pristine worldtimer bezel. The watch originates from Italy and the bezel is in French. Nice detail is that both Anchorage as well as Skagway .......

Furthermore I try to post each day on my Instagram account so don't hesitate to follow me and stay in touch with my most recent acquired watches and memorabilia. 

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5 months ago

"TIMEX Electric Calendar 'Hanomag' (1971)

To celebrate their 125 years anniversary Hannover Hanomag Tractors issued a TIMEX Electric watch in 1971 with the Hanomag logo printed on the dial."
Hanomag was founded in 1871. Aha, their 100th birthday. First tractors were built by them in 1912.

9 months ago

Thank you for information about rally kelton, i still have mine when i bought when i have 12 yrs.

Chris Wintersgil
a year ago

This is a great site. Amazing collection! I was looking through your Olympic collection and saw the Canadian Olympic Timex. I recently found one of these mechanical hand-wind models out in the wild with the original bracelet if you are interested in another picture for your site.

Have a great day.

Sanford Friedman
2 years ago

I have had a square timex electric with a blue face, a day window, and roman numerals stamped on the metal around the face (outside the dial). The case is stamped made in Great Britain. I'd like to know more about it if possible including what battery to fine for it. I'm not a collector, I'm just old and don't throw things out if they still work. - Thank you, Sandy Friedman

2 years ago

R, wat is dit een heerlijke site om te grasduinen.
Niet alleen mooie horloges uit een periode die mij ook aanspreekt, maar ook de snuisterijen en advertenties die prima illustreren dat ' kort geleden' misschien aantrekkelijker is dan high tech nieuwste van het nieuwste.

Frank "Arnhem"

2 years ago

What a great website. Very well organised, and some outstanding watches of all types and brands. Highly recommended, and will check back often!