TIMEX Character Watches

When you know that the Mickey Mouse character watches have played an important role in the succes of Ingersoll watches, the predecessor of TIMEX, it is not surprising that TIMEX also issued a series character watches. They had a cooperation with Disney Studios, Marvel and DC Comics among others. 

TIMEX Asterix Watch (1977)

Although this terrific watch isn't part of my collection, but is an absolute grail watch on my wish list, it is definitely worthwhile mentioning as remarkable TIMEX promotion watch. It has only been issued in Germany in 1977 and has reference number 16070 and is powered by the TIMEX M24 movement. 

During my childhood I have read many of the adventures of Asterix, one of the leading figures in a tribe of brave people in Gaul, France, who resisted the occupation of the Romans. Due to a magic potion the Gaul were invincible. Love the way that Idéfix, the loyal companion of Asterix, is running around the dial counting the seconds.

I never thought I was going to be able to add the Asterix watch to my collection but finally I have. A fully working example with Idéfix running around the minute track.

I was expecting the watch to be a TIMEX Sprite model with 31mm diameter but in fact this Asterix watch is a TIMEX Mercury model with a diameter of 34mm.

Manual wound M24 movement. The red strap it came on, fitts very well but it originally was put on a blue Nato like strap.

KELTON Obelix Watch (1977)

I was very lucky to obtain this beautiful KELTON vintage character watch. It shows the loyal companion of Asterix, Obelix who is following his favorite meal, wild boar. It moves around him while the seconds keep ticking away. Just like Idéfix, their dog, is running around on the watch shown above. They used a transparent disk to realise this floating effect. The watch is powered by the TIMEX M24 handwinding movement.

The size of the watch is the Sprite size and measures 31mm. Reference 23139.

KELTON Asterix Watch (1977)

Another grail watch to add to the wishlist. Besides the Obelix watch KELTON issued an Asterix model in the same set up as well. Galantry and unparalleled strength are combined in this portrait of this great warrior of the Gaul. His flask with magic potion is circuling the minute track as a floating seconds hand. 

Much to my surprise I came across yet another KELTON Asterix Watch. Couldn't let that one pass me by so happy to say it is part of my collection now. Reference 23138. 


 So far I haven't figured out yet what the name or role is of the little bird that functions as sweep seconds hand.

Looks somewhat familiar but somehow cannot put my finger on it.

KELTON Lucky Luke Watch (1980)

Another childhood cartoon was Lucky Luke. The only man who could shoot faster than his shadow. And who had to deal with the Dalton brothers - a family of criminals he had to catch time after time, accompanied by their dog companion Rataplan. 

This Kelton Lucky Luke is the only one I have ever seen and happy to have it in my collection. Notice the cigarette on his lips. For a period of 33 years after the first publication in 1946, this was his appearance. After that, when smoking was no longer to be advertised towards youth, a straw replaced the cigarette. 

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