Omega Pocket Watch collection

When collecting vintage Omega timepieces you often come across pocket watches as well. Though my focus in collecting is mainly on wristwatches, I do believe that when you have the chance to obtain a nice pocket watch of the brand you collect, you have to act. So I have collected several pocket watches amongst which these two fine Omega timepieces from the beginning of the 20th century.  

Silver Omega Pocket Watch (1910)

This Omega pocket watch has a second writing on the dial besides the Omega name. It has the name of what I presume to be a Genéve Omega jeweler, Iono (the I is a greek column) located at Place de la Fusterie 16. The case number dates the watch at 1910.

At the back there is a magnificent Art Nouveau engraving. Given the fact that the watch is from 1910 this fits right into this period.

Gunmetal Omega Suisse pocket watch (1921)

Gunmetal was a popular type of bonze case material. Not a precious metal but still something special. The composition was used to cast cannons in medieval times and often used to produce guns. Hence the name gunmetal.

This Omega pocket watch has a non signed movement but has a movement number that dates it at 1917. However, back then movements were produced in batches and kept lying on the shelves for many years before being put into watches. Case numbers are therefor a far better indicator to year of production.