Yema Sous Marine Diver (1960's)

Calibre FB 140-1b hand wind | 17 jewels | Diameter 38mm

This rare vintage Yema Diver from the 60's was supposedly exclusively produced for officers of the french Marine. The original dial was black or dark blue but mine has a stunning tropical dial. The striping on the dial is typical Yema sixties and can be seen on the Yema Rallygraf (red vertical stripes) and it looks like this particular model has been inspired by the Yema Meangraf with the white diagonal band.

Yema Junior 330 feet Skin Diver

Ref. 77111 | Calibre FE 233-68 hand wind | 17 jewels | Diameter 40mm

Yema Junior Lady Diver (1968)

Ref. 59.059K | Calibre ...... hand wind | 17 jewels | Diameter 26mm

On a local watch fair I bumped into this radiant green Yema Junior Lady Diver. On the original 'Special Plongee' diver strap and in the blue Yema International plastc box. Think I will try to get the white on the strap back again or go looking for another one. 

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