OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch            "From the Moon to Mars" (2005)

Ref. 3577.50.00 | Cal. Omega 1861 hand wound | Diameter 42mm 

A numbered yet not limited edition of the well-known Moonwatch, one of Omega's most successful line of watches. This model was in production from 2004 until 2012/2013 and approximately 6,000 were made.

In stead of to commemorate one of the manned space missions, Omega decided it was time to emphasize the aspiration of NASA that after having been on the Moon, Mars would be next . This was declared by President Bush in the beginning of 2003.

They met with Gene Cernan, the last astronaut to walk on the Moon, as well as Matt Wallace, an engineer on the NASA Mars space program. And developed a new version of the Speedmaster Professional whose three registers represent the Earth, The Moon and Mars. 

The Fisher Space Pen

The Omega Moonwatch is not the only appealing tool used in space. In 1968 the AG7 (Anti-Gravity) Fisher Space Pen® is used on Apollo 7 Mission after 18 months of rigorous testing by NASA. A year later it is used by the crew of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission. in 1981 the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-1) launches on April 12, 1981, heralding a new era of space exploration. NASA begins using the Fisher CH4 – Chrome Plated Shuttle Space Pen, which has flown on every manned space mission ever since.