TIMEX Worldtimer

The TIMEX Worldtimer is not a series of watches that TIMEX produced over time, but seperate versions of existing model lines like Marlin and Electric. You can identify these watches by their amazing bezels. During the seventies at least four TIMEX watches had a worldtimer bezel of which I now have all four in my TIMEX collection. 

TIMEX Marlin Calendar Worldtimer

reference 27676 - 1971

reference 27672 - 1974

TIMEX Electric Calendar Worldtimer


reference 77971 - 1973

The TIMEX Worldtimer Bezel

The bezels of the TIMEX Worldtimers are in French. So I guess these watches were produced for the European market. Nice detail is that both Anchorage as well as Skagway (both in Alaska) are on the bezel. As the watches are from 1971 - 1974, this is period correct. Nowadays both cities belong to the same time zone (Yukon Time). In 1983 time in Alaska was changed from 4 time zones into two. So, these bezels give you some historic insight in time measurement as well.