TIMEX Dashboard Watch (a.k.a. TIMEX Desk Clock)

Untill now I hadn't seen one in the metal. The rare TIMEX Electric Dashboard Watch, to be used in your car, at your desk or even on your wrist.

Altough it looks very futuristic, it is nothing more (or less!) than your average TIMEX Electric wristwatch put in a dashboard like rubber casing. 

So, in 1971 you did not had to have a luxurious car to have your own branded watch in your car.   

I can't imagine there have been lots of people who constantly changed their wristwatch into a dashboard watch when they went to work and there changed in into a desk clock. They probably had one in their car, one at their desk and another one around their wrist. It's a typical TIMEX way of thinking however to find new ways of using their products at friendly prices for their customers. 

When looking at the TIMEX catalogs, I only discovered this TIMEX Dashboard watch in the French 1974 TIMEX Catalog. I guess it wasn't a big seller but just a fun product to add to the collection.  

Ref. 77651 Dashboard casing and ref. 76650 TIMEX Electric watch (1971) 

Dismanteling the TIMEX Dashboard Clock

It is very easy to dismantel the TIMEX Dashboard Clock. Then the TIMEX Electric wristwatch appears with crown and lugs so all you have to do is find a nice strap and conquer the world with your watch! As you can see, this is a full set in NOS condition. It came from Italy, though the text on the box and papers is in French. The watch is from 1971 and is powered by the TIMEX M41 movement.

full set sold at 18,000 Italian Lira

Italian TIMEX ad 1973

French TIMEX Catalog 1974

Different models for the TIMEX dashboard watches

It seems that TIMEX used a couple of watch models for their dashboard watches that weren't available as seperate models. At least these models can't be found in the official TIMEX catalogs and ads.

Happy to have found me a TIMEX Electric that was originally used on the box of my dashboard watch.

Love the distinctive 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour markers on this pitch black dial. 

Another TIMEX Electric model that was used in the dashboard watches can be seen in the 1973 Collection, the sales catalog of TIMEX USA. It's called the TIMEX Electronic Desk-Auto-Wrist Watch.  

US Version of the TIMEX 'Desk' Clock

Here you see the way the TIMEX 'Desk' Clock was boxed and presented in the US. It has a bit more corporate look. And when you look closer, you see that it not only can be used as wrist watch, desk clock or dashboard clock in the car, but also in your boat or in your airplane. 

Interested in its predecessor: the TIMEX Car Key Watch?

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