TIMEX Ben Hogan

In the early 50's TIMEX cooperated with American golf legend Ben Hogan. This cooperation resulted in the Ben Hogan TIMEX Buckle Watch and the Ben Hogan TIMEX Marlin watch. A mass marketing campaign featuring Ben Hogan confimed the robustness and sturdiness of the TIMEX watches. 'Born out of 100,000 golf swings' was the caption of the ad.

Ben Hogan TIMEX belt watch (1954)

This Ben Hogan TIMEX belt watch was presented in 1957 during the Oakmont Women's Invitational golf tournament. As you can see the clips at the back make sure the watch is fixed to your belt. When clicking it open, the watch pops out in a way you can see the dial and therefor the time right away. It has the TIMEX model 22 handwound movement. 

Besides the Ben Hogan TIMEX belt watch, there is also a wrist watch version as you can see in the ad above. 

TIMEX cooperated with more sports legends

Ben Hogan wasn't the only American sports legend TIMEX cooperated with. The first that comes to mind is Mickey Mantle, the famous baseball player. Than there were Olympic skating champion. Barbara Ann Scott, boxing legend Rocky Marciano and women golfer Babe Didriksen Zaharias. And as shown earlier golf player Ben Hogan.