Bulova Accutron Spaceview (1972)

Ref. 214 | Cal. Bulova 214 Electronic tuning fork movement | Diameter 38mm

Bulova Accutron movement

Accutron is world's first electronic watch. It has a tuning fork movement that vibrates 360 times per second. This made it possible for Bulova to give each Accutron buyer a written guarantee of accuracy to a minute a month. 

Bulova showed their first Accutron watch to the public on the 25th of October 1960. The Spaceview became by accident the most famous one. The Accutron display model dealers used to show the technique behind the watch, became the one people wanted to have. So dealers removed the dials on some of their Bulova watches to meet this demand. This was the start of the Spaceview.


Bulova Accutron Snorkel Electronic  (1973)

A beautifull ladies Bulova Accutron Snorkel Diver with a bakelite bezel. Accutron calibre 2303 tuning fork movement. On original Accutron signed steel bracelet. Measures 30mm (excl. crown). Date @3 o'clock.

Devil Diver

Bulova first introduced its Snorkel diver in 1961. After being redesigned in the late 60's to withstand pressure to a depth of 666 feet, it was rebranded as the Oceanographer Snorkel. Because of the Biblical connotations of its 666 foot depth rating, the Bulova Snorkel is sometimes referred to as the 'Devil Diver'.