Certina Art Deco 1940's

It is not until 1939 that Kurth Freres registers the brand name Certina. and we can find it on their watches. In the early years, the watches are powered by KF movements (Kurth Freres) and not yet marked Certina. Later on, the Certina marked movements appear and they carry the Incabloc shock system. My art deco watches have the KF230 resp. the KF 251 manual movements.

Although these watches are far to small for me to wear (diameter 18 and 19 mm) I love having these in my collection. Firstly because they represent the beginning of an interesting watch brand called Certina, but also because they came from a period in time, 1920 - 1940, in which there was an abundance of Art Deco style in fashion, art, architecture, design, advertising etc.