My Certina Watch Collection

Thusfar a very modest collection, but nevertheless some nice vintage 70's and 80's watches from a notorious Swiss watch brand which had it's best years from their founding in 1888 until 1974 when they still were independent. 

In 1974 they joined the General Watch Company (GWC) initiated by USUAG which eventually turned into the Swatch Group where they were forced in some kind of hierarchy of brands, limiting what they could do on a horology point of view.


Biostar Electronic

Swissquartz Lady Diver

Quartz DS-5

It started with the Certina Revelation, a watch case design based on the anatomy of the wrist. Then the Certina Biostar arrived which shows you the time but also your biorythm of that day. The latest acquisitions are two Certina quartz watches. The DS-5, part of the famous DS (Double Security) models of Certina. And the Certina Swissquartz Lady Diver, especcially produced and marketed for the US market.

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A grail watch, the Chronolympic Regatta

Still on my wishlist is this beautiful Certina Chronolympic Regatta chronograph. Issued by Certina in 1971, just before the Olympics of 1972, held in Munich, Germany.