TIMEX Ladies Watches

As you all probably know, the first wristwatches were worn by ...... women. In the early 1900's it was not manly enough to wear a small watch around one's wrist. The men kept to their pocket watches where the ladies were the early adopters of the watch we know today, the wristwatch. 

TIMEX has always had several ladies watches in their portfolio, making them an important target group. As a matter of fact, they have targetted the whole family. In the 60's TIMEX already labelled the Sprite series as Youngsters watches. 

TIMEX Collezione 1975

Cavatina Sport 1975

TIMEX released several Ladies series, such as the Cavatina, The High Fashion and the Prestige Collection. In contrast with the Men's series, which were classified by movement, water resistence or case size, the Ladies watches appealed to the time or the environment or situation in which they were used. Only the Ladies Electric series were an exception to this rule.

TIMEX Catalog Seventy Seven

Cavatina series

A series of small TIMEX ladies watches with water resistant and non-water resistant models. 

High Fashion series

A series of fashion ladies TIMEX watches where the bracelet was as important as the actual watch(case). Combined they presented the perfect fashion statement for the women that wore them. These watches are non-water resistant.

TIMEX Colorama: 16 watches in one watch

This a Dutch advert from 1974 where the TIMEX Colorama was presented. A ladies watch box containing one TIMEX Cavatina watch, four straps and four bezels in the colors white, blue, red and black. Depending on the occasion, you had 16 different ways to configurate your watch. Funnily they used the Kelton slogan in this ad.    "When changing clothes ... change your Timex" 

A special ladies Olympics watch (more info)