UNION Ancre Jump Hour

My second UNION Ancre watch in my collection and my first jump hour watch. Powered bij the French Ebauche Cupillard 233-69A movement. I especially like the blue and red accents of the hours and minutes section. 

Knowing that UNION Ancre imported their watches from other manufacturers, I am dying to know what the original brand of this watch is. So far I only came across a similar watch branded Ancre Incabloc, so I guess this time it is not a Yema watch.

Edit: officially the Union Ancre above seems to be a roulation watch and not a jump hour, because the hour markers change gradually through the rotating hour disc.

Similar Jump Hour?

These Jump Hour watches all look different. The case form and size varies, however behind it lies a mechanical movement with discs that through openings in the dial tell the time. Much of these Jump Hour watches used the same movements so it was just a matter of dial design where you wanted to show the hours, minutes or even the date.

The one in the middle is a special one though. This ELGIN combines a Jump Hour with a chronograph using the KELEK 1376-J movement.