Yema Meangraf Diving

Besides the Meangraf racing series, noticable by the red racing swoosh, there is also a Meangraf diving series. The white band on the dial is the main characteristic of this series. Horizontal, diagonal from left to right or right to left. Using the same case as some of the racing models. And instead of a tachymetre bezel, these diving series have an elapsed time bezel. Waterproof to 10 atm.  

This Crosby Yema Meangraf Diving is in good condition and on original TROPIC Sport rubber bracelet. One of the many export Yema watches being 100% Yema but branded differently. It measures 38mm and is powered by the FE 233-68 manual movement.

Other Yema Meangraf diving watches in my collection

The yachting bezel on this Meangraf diving is incorrect.

Powered by the FE 233-69, date version of this movement.

The square cased Meangraf on the right is the boys or female version of this series. It has a diameter of only 30mm and is powered by the FHF 36 manual movement. To let the buyer know this watch is waterproof they used the figure of an u-boat, embossed in the case back of the watch. Reference is 64.019 and according to the Yema ads it is from 1971.

The wishlist

To complete this sub collection within the Yema collection there are 2 other models still to be added. The model with upper diagonal white band and the one with the horizontal band.

In the right kinda oval watch case and with the correct elapsed time bezel. I love how each minute interval is divided by a short vertical stripe. So no 10 - 20 - 30 etc. as most diver bezels have but 1|0 - 2|0 - 3|0. 

Latest acquisition: NOS boys size Meangraf Diving case/dial/crown


A very special find this time. Case, dial, crown and hands in NOS condition but without the movement that belongs in this watch. The inside of the case is filled with paper. I guess that is how the watches were laying on the shelf before getting equiped with a movement and put on a matching strap, ready to be sold or delivered to the customer. 

Question now is: do I search for the right movement or leave it as is? I tend to do the latter as it definitely is an extraordinary find.