Kelton 'LOURDES'

A very special KELTON watch, originating from the mid to late 1950's, issued in cooperation with 'centenaire de Lourdes', the pilgrimage venue in the Pyrenees in France. The face of the watch shows us the towers of the centenaire and the blessed virgin Mary. 

The watch is powered by the TIMEX M21 model, a manual wound movement from the early fifties, and is cased in a chrome plated case and has a steel case back. The image of the centenaire Lourdes is applied and seems to be gold metal. where the virgin Mary has been printed on the dial in blue. The same blue color is used for the minute track and the imprint of Lourdes at six o'clock.

KELTON and St. Christopher

In the sixties, another religious figure was found on a KELTON watch. It was St. Christopher, patron of the travellers, who was visible on the back of the KELTON Key Ring watches. 

As these key ring watches were cased in plastic and were placed inside a rubber mini tyre, the back had to be covered. KELTON chose St. Christopher. Click here for more info on key ring watches.