UNION Ancre Minute Stop 60M (1968)

Diameter 35mm | INT-Durowe 471-4 manual wind movement | 17 jewels

Look at this fine piece of timekeeping with a special feature, the minute stop. A tregular watch which enables you to keep track on your parking meter. A very important feature back in the sixties. The pusher at 2 o'clock let's you set the minute track to 0 and start your parking for 60 minutes, hence the 60M print on the dial. 

INT-Durowe: mother of all minute stops

The INT-Durowe manual wind movement was the mother of all minute stop watches. These watches were sold under several watch brands but they all came out of the same factory in West-Germany, the Durowe (Deutsche Uhren RohWerke) factory. 

Vulcain Minstop

Amaryllis (Yema)


The list of brands that sold these parking meter watches seemed endless. Buren, Para, Anker, Perrier, Paul Garnier, Stowa, LiP were other brands that can be found on the MinStops, Minu Stops or whatever they would call their version.