TIMEX Sprite 'Bulls Eye' (1971) 

Ref. 23170 2471 | Manual wound M24 movement | Diameter 30,5mm

This 'Bulls Eye' Sprite is a collector's classic within the TIMEX mechanical watches collection. Other nicknames for this model are 'roulette wheel' and 'target'. The TIMEX Sprite was produced from 1971 until 1973. It has a chrome plating over a metal base case, an acrylic crystal and a stainless steel caseback. Back in 1971 you could buy this watch for only $10.95. 

The TIMEX Sprite "Bulls Eye" has a technical looking dial with several colored rings. The outer white ring represents the seconds 0-60 markings with black and white hashes for each second. More centrally, a red ring counts the hours 13-24 of the 24 hour day. Central to this, a black ring is present with hours 1-12 in a greenish luminous paint. 

KELTON Sprite 'Blackjack' (1971)

From the same year as the Sprite 'Bullseye' is this Sprite 'Blackjack". A different variation on the same theme. Rings that present the seconds, minutes and hours in the same way. Also the hands and sweep seconds hand are identical. 

Ref. 23171 2471 | Manual wound M24 movement | Diameter 30,5mm

TIMEX Sprite Calendar ref. 23771

Same model, different look

Altough TIMEX used to bring a brand new line up of TIMEX models each year, some of the models were used two or more consecutive years in a row. This is an example of the Timex Sprite 25 Metres ref. 23270. Notice the difference in dial color between the two. The upside is that there is more to collect for us TIMEX fans!

ref. 23270 from 1974 and 1975

Italian TIMEX catalog 1975

Two new TIMEX Sprite watches (NOS)

I recently acquired two magnificent TIMEX Sprite watches in NOS condition on their original rubber strap and with a pristine original bezel. Those of you who collect vintage TIMEX watches as I do, know how rare it is to still find vintage TIMEX pieces in such a good condition and with the right bezel. 

Model 23271 | TIMEX M24 | 1976

Model 23778 | TIMEX M25 | 1978

Both watches originated from Italy, where Timex was a very popular brand in the days. The dial on the left watch is the most outspoken design I have come across vintage TIMEX watches so far. The right watch distinguishes itself through a pitch black pvd case, on a matching black sporty rubber strap and a aluminium metal bezel and crown. A perfectly balanced TIMEX Sprite Calendar.

TIMEX Sprite ref. 23070 on bracelet 8 (1975)

A NOS Sprite with military dial and beautiful green lume plots which correspond with the inserts on the metal bracelet. According to the Italian TIMEX Collezione 75 catalog this watch was 'didattico per imparare a leggere l'ora' which means they were meant to educate the youth to learn telling time by looking at their watch. 

Although I am a huge fan of these Italian metalcolor TIMEX bracelets, they tend to be almost always far to small for my wrist. In this case a junior watch with ditto bracelet. 

TIMEX Sprite ref. 24570 Checkbook Font (1977)

Most 70's TIMEX watches are known for their eye-catching dial designs. An important part of these designs are the fonts TIMEX used as hour markers. This Sprite shows you an artified 'checkbook font', the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) protocol used in checks and similar documents. The number string was printed with metallic ink. The reader measured signal strength in a straight line instead of pixels like an ordinary camera. Nice that TIMEX used this font. It's very arty and higly readable as well!  

Square cased TIMEX Sprites (1969/1970) 

These square cased TIMEX and KELTON Sprite watches you don't see too often. They are kind of dressy and stylish watches where the Sprite series was to become more sporty and adventurous in the years coming. Or perhaps it is just the transition from the sixties to the seventies. The square models were just still very much sixties like.

ref. 1134 - ref. 1128

ref. 1164 - ref. 1134 - ref. 1128

TIMEX Sprite Calendar 'Mondriaan' (1974)

Another special TIMEX Sprite Calendar in my collection. Curious? Click here!