TIME(X) Capsules

When you are an enthousiastic vintage TIMEX watch collecter like me, you sometimes come across full sets of models you don't particulary like or collect. But a full set that represents the brand you love so much in an era you like because of it's typical funky, colorful design of dials and cases, is something you simply cannot resist!  

Timex SSQ L.E.D. - ref. 99871 (1978)

The full set consists of the box with the reference sticker on the side, the manual of the SSQ line, the TIMEX guarantee that is dated October 4th, 1978 and off course the watch in pristine condition on 100% stainless steel bracelet, made in Hong Kong.

KELTON Trial a.k.a. Black Max - ref. 26359 (1977)

Nice KELTON version of the TIMEX Black Max. The box is simply amazing. It also shows that the Black Max in France was marketed as KELTON Trial. The red outer box shows the reference. At the back of the box you'll find the guarantee.

Early TIMEX Electric Calendar - ref. 76772 (1971)

A very distuingished box as you would expect from a Montblanc fountain pen but not from TIMEX. Yet this was the way TIMEX presented it's TIMEX Electrique in France.

KELTON Fun Timer - ref. 58113 (1975)

KELTON Time Capsules late 70's / early 80's