My Hamilton Collection

For some reason I have always been a big fan of the early Hamilton watches. In the 50's and 60's one of the leading (American) watch brands in the world. Apart from the interesting movements like the 505 early electric calibre, the almost infinite range of asymetrical cases, designed by industrial designer Richard Arbib, appeal to me the most. Accuracy in timekeeping and a feel for style and fashion were combined.  

Hamilton Sea-Glo (1958-1960) 

The Hamilton Sea-Glo is a handwinder with Hamilton 671 movement and has a beautiful embossed sunburst white dial. On a 60's Kreisler stainless steel bracelet.

Hamilton Sea-Lectric II (1962)

The Hamilton Sea-Lectric I first appeared in 1958 and was powered by a 500 or 500A movement. It came in a 10K GF case with stainless steel screw down back. My Sea-Lectric II has  the superior 505 movement and is a far more distinctive watch. With it's broad shouldered stainless steel case and crown @4 and red tipped seconds hand.

Hamilton Nautilus 400 (1964)

The Hamilton Electric Nautilus series consists of 23 different watches. All watches have a round case and are fitted with the Calibre 505 movement. The model numbers indicate the metal of the cases. Nautilus 200 (solid 14K gold), Nautilus 400 (10K yellow gold filled), Nautilus 500 (stainless steel), Nautilus 600 (10K yellow rolled gold plated)  

A watch with provenance. Back in the days watches were a popular way of celebrating certain achievements. This Nautilus 400 was given to Carl Unis in 1964. At the time he was the Amateur Champion of the PGA Tour in the US for the state of Ohio. 

'Divot Digger' refers to a movie from 1936 of the Little Rascals. A Divot Digger is a person who's not that good in what he does within the sport of golf. Carl Unis probably received this watch from his friends with a nod to his achievemnt in golf that year.

Hamilton Dateline A-677 (1965-1967)

The Dateline series of calendar watches was introduced in 1964 and included automatic and manual winding watches. There were Hamilton calender watches before but the Dateline series absorbed all. The A models have ETA based movements and the TM models the Buren based movements. 

My Hamilton Dateline A-677 has a 10K yellow rolled gold plated case with stainless steel screw back, the Hamilton 64A automatic 21 jeweled movement and is in mint condition. And it has a semi quick set date (past midnight and back to nine o'clock).

Hamilton Electronic Date (1970-1975)

Hamilton was no longer an American watch brand as it was moved to Switzerland in 1969 and became a brand in the portfolio of SIHH (Omega, Longines, Certina etc.). 

This Hamilton Electronic was in production for just a short period. The competition from Bulova (Accutron) and the quartz watches was simply too strong. 

This Hamilton Electronic is in new old stock condition and is powered by the Hamilton 707 movement, based on the ESA 9154 Dynatron. It was the first movement with a transistor powered balance.