My Hamilton Collection

For some reason I have always been a big fan of the early Hamilton watches. In the 50's and 60's Hamilton was one of the leading watch brands in the world. Apart from the interesting movements like the 505 early electric calibre, the almost infinite range of asymetrical cases designed by industrial designer Richard Arbib, appeal to me the most. 

By clicking on the photo of your favorite Hamilton watch you are directed to the page wher you can find info on the history, specifics.

Sea-Glo (1958-1960)

Sea-Lectric II (1962)

Nautilus 400 (1964)

Dateline A-677 (1966)

Electronic Date (1973)

Fontainebleau (1968)

Other Hamilton memorabilia

When you collect vintage watches, it is fun to search for other memorabilia that reflect on the brand and that specific era.