TIMEX 25 Metres

Starting in 1973 TIMEX put the '25 Metres' marking on some of their water resistant watches. Obviously these are all European TIMEX watches as in Europe we have the metric system for measurement. It is spelled in French though. I guess they assumed the English speaking population also would understand what was meant by '25 Metres'.

My TIMEX / KELTON 25 Metres watches

Though these watches all look like you can dive the Great Barrier Reef with, they were just meant to have a sturdy DIVING SPORTY LOOK. Also better known as Skin Divers, they were perfect to sport and swim and guaranteed waterproof / water resistant to 25 metres (approximately 85 feet). You can find the 25 Metres printing on the dials of the Marlin, Viscount, Sprite and Skin- and Sports Divers series of TIMEX and KELTON.

60 Metres waterproof / water resistant

Here you see a KELTON Sports Diver from 1968 with Waterproof 60 Metres printed on the dial. Notice the black diver bezel and the original TIMEX Seahorse black divers strap. This model was part of the early TIMEX SKIN DIVER and SPORTS Series and was produced from 1966 until 1968. Originally this model had a depth rate of 600ft but from 1968 until 1970 it was reduced to 200ft (60 metres).