Hamilton Dateline A-677 (1965-1967)

The Dateline series of calendar watches was introduced in 1964 and included automatic and manual winding watches. There were Hamilton calender watches before but the Dateline series absorbed all. The A models have ETA based movements and the TM models the Buren based movements. 

My Hamilton Dateline A-677 has a 10K yellow rolled gold plated case with stainless steel screw back, the Hamilton 64A automatic 21 jeweled movement and is in mint condition. And it has a semi quick set date (past midnight and back to nine o'clock).

The Hamilton Dateline-series

When date watches were first introduced within Hamilton's product portfolio in 1954, they were put in other model lines and named 'Calendar'. In 1963 Hamilton consolidated these calendar watches into one model line, the Dateline series. Once production in the US ended in 1969, production moved to Hamilton's Swiss Factory. It is not clear to me if all calendar watches were still named 'Dateline' or that the moving to Swiss entailed using 'Calendar' within other model names once again.