TIMEX produced many gold-tone and even gold-plated watches back in the days. Often they were put on black or brown leather straps which gave them a distinguished yet modest look. However, when put on a TIMEX original or period correct gold-tone bracelet, the look and feel of the watch completely changes.

Suddenly there is a enormous wrist presence, a richness and feel of warmth around your wrist. It really adds to the watch and the modesty of a leather strap is replaced by a 'LOOK, HERE I AM! IT'S TIME TO SHINE!' attitude. 

As you can see, all the watches have their own look and feel due to case form, size and matching gold-tone bracelet. 

So, if you have the chance to score an original gold-tone bracelet for your 'golden' TIMEX or KELTON, don't hesitate and grab it,