TIMEX Formula 1 Emerson Fittipaldi

Although TIMEX has produced several Skindiver and Sport watches in the seventies, the TIMEX Sports Emerson Fitipaldi is the only one they speciffically made for one sport and one champion, the true racing legend Emmerson Fittipaldi. 

This limited edition, as we would call it nowadays, commemorates his consecutive championships in Formula One racing in 1972 and 1974. The regular version of this TIMEX Sports Diver model with reference 27677 has been altered by adding a racing flag @ 12 o'clock and printing this remarkable performance @ 6 o'clock. Also the bezel was a tachymetre bezel in stead of the usual diver bezel.  

TIMEX Electric and Quartz Emerson Fitipaldi

In the late 70's and early 80's TIMEX issued two other Emerson Fittipaldi models. A TIMEX Electric and a Q TIMEX Quartz model. By adding a race helmet and putting his name on the dial they tried to copy the succes of the earlier version.

I prefer the earlier one though with racing flag, the checquered banner and the 1972 and 1974 championships on the dial. This is the true TIMEX Formula One watch! 

TIMEX (KELTON) Marlin Sport Calendar 1978

In 1978 TIMEX released a new Marlin Sports watch with a horizontal chequered flag printed on the dial. The reference number 27675 carrying the TIMEX M105 hand winding movement has become a popular watch amongst collectors. 

The European versions have the 25 Metres depth rate printed on the dial where the US versions only mention that the watch is water resistant.

TIMEX Ladies Racing (1978)

The ladies weren't forgotten when it comes to being able to support their favourite racing heroes. In 1978 TIMEX issued a special black watch with chequered flag on the dial in a black case and on a black rubber Alaska strap. The reference number 20278 and powered by the TIMEX M100. Water resistant to 25 Metres (European version).

TIMEX was also active in the Rally Sport

Before TIMEX connected with Formula 1 Racing through their sponsorship of Emerson Fittipaldi, they were active in the Rallye Sport as this flyer of the TIMEX Cup 72 suggests. 

And when being a true watch TIMEX watch collecter you want to have this TIMEX rallye car as well! 

So, found me a blue Ford Escort Mk 1 and decal stickers of the TIMEX rallye car and I was ready to create my own.

The car model is from 1974 and in fact it is Brian's car from Fast & The Furious. But, let's keep that a secret between us. No-one needs to know ;-)

My collection

My TIMEX / KELTON Formula One and Rallye collection so far. Latest acquisition is the KELTON ref. 27675 from 1976 in cushion square case.

There also seems to be the reference 27674 from 1976 but so far I haven't been able to figure out the difference between the two. 

Guess I have to pick one up and study both watches for myself.

TIMEX Viscount Champion Le Mans (1978)

American Champion Spark Plugs are a wellknown player in automotive. In 1978, against the might of Porsche, Renault's  2-litre Alpine A442, with the help of half a dozen Champion spark plugs, was victorious at the Le Mans motor race. This important milestone was probably the reason Champion decided to make a promotion watch with TIMEX. They used the Viscount Day-Date ref. 47970 in black with navy blue bezel.