Fixing Up a FUN TIMER (ref. 29014, Timex Model 80, 1972)

Recently I bought a KELTON Fun Timer for the collection, Although it was in the original configuration the condition of the watch wasn't all that good. Not only was it a well worn watch with a scratched crystal, there was a lot of residue of the previous owner and it also had an oil like discoloration. Wether it was on the crystal or the dial would become clear as soon as I would receive the watch. Here are the pictures of watch as it was.

After receiving the watch, I had to figur out how to dismantle the watch. It was clear it had a monocoque case which means the movement had to be taken out from the front. Luckily I stumbled across the TIMEX Service Bulletin No 107 where they explained how to service the just released Fun Timer. So that's what I did. I dismantled it, oiled and cleaned it, polished the crystal.

And after assembling the watch, this KELTON Fun Timer is in a good condition once again. Now all I have to do is to decide wether I will put the original heavily worn black leather strap on it or look for another leather strap in a better condition. Time will tell.