Hamilton Fontainebleau (1968)

From 1968 until 1970 the Fontainebleau was a series of unique automatic watches of Hamilton. Most of the Fontainebleau line were big chunky watches like the one you see here. It has a Brevet waterproof case, sealed with a ring that holds the caseback.  

This reference 64047-3 has a dark blue dial, a date window at six and is powered by the Hamilton 64A automatic movement (based on ETA 2542). The diameter of the watch measures 41mm but due to the thickness of only 11mm the watch wears small. 

Fontainebleau caseback opener set

This Hamilton case opener set is used to fixate the casefront to be able to unscrew the ring at the caseback in order to lift the caseback and get acces to the movement.  

Here you see the different Fontainebleau reference numbers this set is meant for. 

The Hamilton Fontainebleau Chrono-Matic

The most famous and sought after Hamilton Fontainebleau is undoubtedly the Hamilton Fontainebleau Chrono-Matic. This iconic automatic chronograph watch had not only the remarkable form but more important was powered by the Chrono-Matic calibre.

One of world's first automatic chronograph was presented to the world in 1969 and was the product of a joint-venture of some of the then leading Swiss watch factories Hamilton-Buren, Heuer-Leonidas, Breitling and Dubois-Dépraz. 

Definitely a grail watch when it comes to the Fontainebleau series of Hamilton and iconic 70's chronographs in general. Perhaps some day one will find it's way to me.

The Fontainebleau references

Reference             Model                                         Feature                        

1101 / 11001          Fontainebleau Chrono-Matic      chronograph date

53026                    Fontainebleau oval case             no-date

64047                    Fontainebleau oval case             date                                

66002                    Fontainebleau oval case             day-date 

79001                    Fontainebleau oval case             ladies date                     

64048                    Fontainebleau square case         date

66003                    Fontainebleau square case         day-date

04021                    Fontainebleau square case         ladies Slender-Matic

The reference numbers are followed by another nummer indicating the material of the case used. - 3 stainless steel,              - 4 goldplated and - 8 gold.

Recently acquired: Fontainebleau - B (1968)

In the metal even more impressive despite of it's modest size. It only measures 35mm diameter but has a great wrist presence. And on the black lizzard leather strap a very stylish 60's dress watch. The horizontal hour markers on the gold dial really stand out.

The Fontainebleau B also comes in a stainless steel version and in day-date. I think this gold-plated date watch (ref, 64048-4) is the nicest configuration out there. A perfectly balanced dial combined with the richness that gold(plated) watches offer.