TIMEX Electric Series

The Electric series of TIMEX date back to 1962 when the first Electric watch model 9017 was presented to the public. TIMEX Electrics have been produced until 1983 and already succeeded by the Dynabeat and Quartz models. Like most if not all TIMEX movements, they were produced in large volumes and were robust but cheap. 

As the take-over of Laco (Durowe) was the way TIMEX got into Electric watches, most of these originated from West Germany. In the mid 70's production was moved to Taiwan and the Philippines.

TIMEX Electric Sports Calendar (1972)

A beautiful NOS TIMEX Electric Sports Calendar  (ref. 77573) with a base metal case and stainless steel back. A characteristic battery icon on the plastic strap and also a trident (buckle) and seahorse on the back of the strap. Waterproof. The black metal bezel gives the watch it's sporty look. Given the ad you see on the right hand of this page, the perfect electric watch those days to go skiing with.

TIMEX Electric Day-Date Worldtimer (1973)

A stunning NOS TIMEX Electric with a pristine worldtimer bezel. The watch originates from Italy and the bezel is in French. Nice detail is that both Anchorage as well as Skagway (both in Alaska) are on the bezel. As the watch is from 1973, this is period correct. Nowadays both cities belong to the same time zone (Yukon Time). In 1983 time in Alaska was changed from 4 time zones into two. So, another whitness of time! 






TIMEX Electric 12 hour bezel (1975)

The latest TIMEX Electric in my collection is this beautiful NOS piece on original Metalcolor TX bracelet witch box and papers. The reference number is 76771 and it is diplayed in the Collezione 75 TIMEX catalog from 1975. It's just a sereen, modest yet eye catching piece around your wrist. Und still ticking as if it were 1975!

Haste Electric Day-Date (1974)

A TIMEX in disguise. That's what this Mexican Haste watch is all about. In the early 70's Harry Steele Y Cie imported and assembled watches from America and Europe to sell them under his own brand Haste. Becoming the largest watch brand in Mexico. This watch is actually a TIMEX Electric ref. 77970. In a TIMEX case, with a TIMEX M42 movement. In NOS condition. On an original Haste metal bracelet.

TIMEX Electric Dashboard Watch

Read all about this amazing fun TIMEX product of the early 70's here.

Latest aquisition: TIMEX Electric 'Hanomag'

Celebrating the 125 years anniversary of Hanomag Tractors in France.

A TIMEX Electric Calendar reference 77650 from 1971. Read all about it here

TIMEX Electric Dynabeat (1976)

Another stunning TIMEX Electric Dynabeat Calendar added to the collection. In stead of the aluminium 12 hour bezel I was familiar with, this TIMEX Electric has a bezel counting up from 13 hours till 24. Reference 76772. 

This high beat Electric has some amazing details on the dial. The trapezoid date window, centered luminous hour markers, a combination of roman numerals on the dial and arabic numerals on the bezel and last but no least a pitch black dial. Perfect!