TIMEX Mercury Series

As opposed to the Marlin being the water resistant manual men's watch series of Timex the Mercury is the non-water resistant men's watch series of TIMEX. They are easy to recognize because TIMEX is the only mark printed on the dial. They contain a TIMEX Model 22 or 24 movement (no date), a M25 movement (calendar) or a M27 movement (day-date) and were marketed as one of the more traditional watch series of TIMEX. Like the Sportster (small water resistant) and the Petite (small non-water resistant) series

TIMEX Mercury Day-Date 'Barcode' ref. 16860 from 1974

KELTON Mercury ref. 25238 (1980)

TIMEX Mercury ref. 1030 (1969)

Although most TIMEX Mercury watches are traditional I find them very stylish and perfect to wear as a dress watch under a suit or your smart casual wear. Looking at my TIMEX watch collection they are somewhat underrepresented. I guess I am more into that funky sporty 70's design with bright colours, unusual case shapes and sturdy diving or other bezels.

Timex US Catalog 1977

Full Set TIMEX Mercury 1972

Here is a beautiful Mercury I just added to the collection  The reference 16360 has a rectangular gold plated case and is powered by the TIMEX M78 manual movement. On the original brown faded leather strap it looks stunning. 

Still in it's original blue and white TIMEX branded case and with the guarantee card thats shows the watch was bought on February 4th 1972 in Dijon France. Point of Sale: tabacconist "La Civette" A. Faivre

TIMEX Mercury 74

The second piece from this page in the French TIMEX catalog 1974. It has the reference 16450 and actually comes from 1974. Powered by the TIMEX Model 24 movement. On the original stainless steel bracelet with fine adjustment feature.