Waltham Alarm Watch (1969)

Late 60's early 70's alarm watch. Stainless steel, shockresistant, waterproof, swiss made. Powered by the AS 1475 alarm handwinding movement with a double barrel.

Waltham Gentlemen's 'Tank' (1949)

This beautiful Waltham watch has a 10K gold filled and Hamilton signed case from Wadsworth. A renowned American case maker who were active from 1892 - 1953. The casenumber dates the watch to 1949. Inside there is the Waltham 750-B hand winding movement.

It seems that box and watch don't really belong together. In 1957 the rights to the Waltham Watch Company were sold to the Hallmark Watch Company of Chicago who continued to sell watches using the Waltham name. Hence the box is of a later generation than the watch. Still looks pretty awsome, don't you think so too?