Yema Export

Yema was not only very succesful in France with their wide range of watches. They also exported their watches to a lot of countries enabling the importers to have their own brand signing on the dial. Apart from the brand name the watches were still 100% Yema when you look at casing, used movements and often even the after sales code Yema used to imprint on their case backs. 

UNION Ancre Ralygraf Formica

EISENHARDT Meangraf Racing

CROSBY Meangraf Diving

These are the three Yema export watches I have in my collection so far. As you can see, it is hard to spot the difference between these watches and the Yema originals apart from the brandname. UNION Ancre was Dutch (Amsterdam), EISENHARDT came from Austria and CROSBY was an American New York based brand. 

LeJour, Tradition, Cardinal, Renis, Le Chasseur, Amaryllis, Wesley's, Birks

Some of the other brand names you can find on Yema export watches. LeJour was the US distributor for Yema watches, whereas Tradition was the watch brand name of Sears, the famous US retailer. In Canada, Cardinal was the brand that brought Yema watches to the public. In Great-Brittain you had Renis.

le Jour Yachtingraf

Tradition Big Eye

CARDINAL Meangraf Diving

Renis Flygraf

AMARYLLIS Rallygraf Super

Wesley's Rallygraf

BIRKS Rallygraf

In Italy, the Yema watches were marketed as AMARYLLIS. Wesley's Rallygraf is the original Yema watch that Mario Andretti was wearing in 1969 when he won the Indy 500 car race. The BIRKS Rallygraf is a Canadian Yema, branded by BIRKS jewelry store. 

Just arrived: Yema Meangraf Super export watch from Portugal

Being on my wishlist for a long time, I finally succeded in attaining my own Yema Meangraf Super from the seventies. This export version lacks the imprint Meangraf Super just beneath the Yema logo and the white Temps Ecoule inner ring but instead it has Incabloc and 17 jewels mentioned on the dial. Clearly a different configuration meant for export. To Portugal this time.