UNION Ancre - Henri Julien NV Amsterdam

In 1843 the Henri Jullien trade house in pendules and pocket watches was founded in Amsterdam. A tableau on a street wall in Amsterdam is still a visible witness of this part of history. They used the brand UNION Ancre to sell the clocks and watches they imported and were supplier to the Dutch Royals in the early years of their existence.

In their 1940's stopwatch and chronograph catalog there is only one wrist watch displayed as you can see on the right. In the 1950's and 1960's they imported Swiss movements, cases or even complete watches which they sold in the Netherlands under the brand name UNION Ancre. 

Rokin 36 in Amsterdam

When looking at the Amsterdam building Henri Jullien NV was housed, Rokin 36 in Amsterdam, there are some signs that gave away the line of business of the company. At the top of the building you wil find the sun and the moon and halfway you can see a portrait of Christiaan Huygens - one of the pioneers in horology and the person who invented the pendulum clockwork.

The Amsterdam connection

As I am originally from Amsterdam, the Amsterdam connection is a big plus for me collecting Union Ancre watches. Though it all started with the opportunity to buy a Yema Rallygraf Formica Dial on a local marketplace. A beautiful vintage 70's chronograph I'd already seen on pictures but never in the flesh. It was branded UNION Ancre so the quest for the history of this brand started which led me to Henri Jullien Amsterdam.

My UNION Ancre collection

What started with the Formica Chronograph is now a modest collection of Union Ancre watches in different styles and from different periods in time. When you import watches as Henri Jullien did, you can just focus on the polular models and don't have to be bothered by consistancy within the collection or develoment of the brand.   

Thus my UNION Ancre collection consist of a variety of dress, tool, sports, dive watches that have only one thing in common, the brand Union Ancre. And off course that for me irresistable Amsterdam connection.

UNION Ancre Parking Meter 60M (1968)

Klik hier voor een schitterende UNION Ancre met een speciale feature.