TIMEX, die Uhr die niemals aufgibt

Germany, not only one of the big market places within the European region for TIMEX in the sixties and seventies. But in Germany also lies the cradle of the TIMEX Electric series they succesfully introduced and marketed in this period. 

TIMEX Electric West Germany

The Electric series of TIMEX date back to 1962 when the first Electric watch model 9017 was presented to the public. To get a kick start in the technology of Electric watches TIMEX bought the German watch factory of Laco-DUROWE in 1959. That is why you can see the imprint West Germany on many of the early TIMEX Electric dials at 6 o'clock. Only six and a half years later, in 1965, TIMEX sold Laco-DUROWE to the Swiss. Production was then moved to Taiwan and the Philippines.

TIMEX the global brand

In most advertising and dealer communication like catalogs and prospects, TIMEX used the visuals and slogans from their global marketing campaign as you can see.

The clenched fist holding a TIMEX watch and the reference to the well known American TIMEX -Tests (TIMEX takes a licking and keeps on ticking) are reckognizable elements, just like the full year guarantee on each watch. 

All in the native language of the region or country they were in.

Marketing their watches in Germany

TIMEX has been actively marketing their watches in Germany. Several full color catalogs and many German advetising campaigns are the living proof. Looking at the visuals TIMEX Germay used, they tried to give their watches a glamorous and fashion conscious look, presenting TIMEX as a modern and trendy watch brand. 

The covers of the German TIMEX catalogs of 1968, 1971 and 1975 suggest that those who wear a TIMEX are young, succesful, modern people living a happy family life and gifting eachother TIMEX watches. 

To emphasize the importance of their electric and electronic watches TIMEX Germany issued a separate catalog in 1971.

Die unbesiegbare TIMEX 'Asterix' Uhr

In 1977 TIMEX issued a special character watch that only was available in Germany. To honour the wide German fan base of Asterix, the invincible cartoon warrior from the Gaulle, and his companion Obelisk were displayed on a TIMEX Mercury watch. 

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