Movement Tissot 2250 Autolub handwinding | Diameter 39mm

In the 50's Tissot was in search for a mechanical movement that was service-free and did not need lubrication. After almost twenty years of research they came up with the answer. A 'fully' plastic mechanical movement called Sytal or Autolub (Systeme Total d'Autolubrification) was introduced in 1971 at Baselworld. The Tissot Astrolon Idea 2001 was born. It contained the calibre 2250 with 52 parts in stead of the usual 91 parts thus cutting back heavily on production costs. 

Not only the movement was plastic. Also the case, strap and buckle were plastic. A revolutionary product that should face the upcoming quartz crises and help the SIHH Group (Omega and Tissot) to strengthen their position. 

Unfortunately, the watchmakers and watch industry didn't accept this new concept, Tissot chose not to do a widespread marketing campaign and within a few years production was stopped. This product came 20 years to early when you consider the huge success of the Swatch watches in the 90's (also part of the same watch conglomerate)

As you can see, the Tissot Research Idea 2001 came in different colours with matching straps and either a roman numeral or an arabic numeral bezel insert.