The TISSOT Sideral

First issued in 1969 and featuring a fibreglass one piece case, accessible through the front of the case. The first automatic movements were the 21 jeweled Tissot 784-2. Later in the 70's these were replaced by the 24 jeweled Tissot 2481 movement. The Sideral series were youthful and sporty models. The novelty and durability of the watch results from the ultramodern design of it's case. The marketing department described the Sideral series as super-resistant because of fiberglass resilience towards shock and extremes of temperature. An interesting model line from Tissot and a typical product of the radiant seventies.

TISSOT Sideral Electronic (1970)

Ref. 40702 | Diameter 39mm

Apart from the fiberglass case, the rubber strap is also worth mentioning. Especially how the absence of a clasp or traditional buckle still provides for an easy to use and reliable strap that holds your watch. Through a simple pin system you fixate the strap around youw wrist. One pin locatewd on the 'plastic buckle part of the strap and the other on the end of the strap. By pushing these pins into the center holes of the strap. it is fixated and ready to wear.  

The Tissot Sideral not only came on the rubber strap. It came on metal bracelets and corfam straps as well depending on the model and period it was issued. Corfam was a high tech leather substitute patented by Dupont in the late 1960s and was used for its superb resistance to water and virtual indestructibility under most operating conditions. 

The corfam strap has a circular cut-out through which a raised central area of the case back is passed. Then a threaded retaining ring is locked down tightly, sandwiching the strap in place. 

TISSOT Sideral S (1971)

Ref. 44735 | Diameter 39.5 mm | Tissot 784-2 automatic movement

The Tissot Sideral S-series were the sports models. Colorful and equiped with rotating diving bezels they really stood out and appealed to a younger and sporty audience. The fiberglass case came in three colors, black (ref. 44730), grey (ref. 44731) and orange (44735). They came on the perforated rubber straps as shown earlier.  

TISSOT Sideral 'Bullhead' Chronograph

One still on the wishlist is the 'Bullhead'-chronograph version of the Tissot Sideral. It is the most expensive and sought after Sideral model because of it's appeal to automotive and motorsports fans and of course it's beautifull dial design combining the element of speed (registers at 12 and 6) and tachymeter like bezel with the horologic application of the chronograph with the crown and pushers at the top of the watch case. The watch is powered by the Lemania 872 manual wind movement. It came with a black or red bezel.

The TISSOT Sideral Box

A special watch deserves a special watch box. The marketing department of Tissot was determined to make the Tissot Sideral a great succes. An extensive marketing campaign supported the sales and once the watch was bought the user xperience continued through the box expressing the adventurous character of the Tissot Sideral.

Unfortunately it is very hard to find this Tissot Sideral box in pristine condition as shown here. The best chance is to acquire a NOS Tissot Sideral. You will have to pay top dollar though.

2023: TISSOT introduces the Sideral S Powermatic 80 

A trip back to memory lane. Tissot revived a watch series of over 50 years ago. This time the cases are of forged carbon hence black and the automatic Tissot movement has a power reserve of 80 hours. See through case back. Strap, dial and bezel configuration look like a perfect copy of their ancestor. And even the box has been 100% inspired of the box of the late sixties / early seventees. 

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