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LED and LCD Watches

The first LED watch dates from 1970 when Hamilton introduced it's Pulsar watch on the Johnny Carson Show. Although it was a hit at first, it soon was replaced by a superior technology, LCD, which displayed the time constantly. By the end of 1977 Hamilton stopped producing LED watches and had sold the Pulsar name. As you can see below, TIMEX started selling their LED and LCD watches from 1977 on. Trying to profit from the hype called Digital Watches.  

TIMEX SSQ LED (Light Emitting Diode)

TIMEX Collection 1977

Having a transparent red crystal and displaying time on command (pushing the button) through the LED's. Therefor the time lights up in red. The abbreviation SSQ stands for Solid State Quartz.

TIMEX Marathon LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

TIMEX Collection 1977

The time is continuously displayed through black numbers in the gray colored digital read out. Both my TIMEX LCD watches are in full working order and still have a unique vintage look. I expect these watches to conclude the timeline of my Vintage TIMEX Watch Collection. 

How to set time on these LCD watches?