TIMEX Junior

You couldn't be young enough to start wearing a TIMEX. In fact, TIMEX helped the parents to teach their children to learn how to tell time using an analog timepiece. The Sprite series of TIMEX has a case size that fits young children perfectly. It is often reffered to as the boy's size TIMEX. But in their marketing, the target group of TIMEX for this series was also most defintely women. Wether these two target groups conflicted is unclear. But letś focus on the juniors. How did TIMEX reach these young customers? 

On the left we see an Italian ad (1983) for the Time Teacher Timex. Besides the Arabic numerals for the hours the inner ring helped the kids to tell time by dividing the hour in quarters and five minute intervals. As soon as they were able to tell time, they could step up to the models showed in the second (1975) and third ad (1974). Typical for the Italian market, TIMEX used the so called Metalcolor TX steel bracelets. Italians are a proud people and weren't afraid to show the watch they were wearing. Bling bling! 

Captain TIMEX

Especially for the kids and youngsters, TIMEX introduced Captain TIMEX. Read all about it here.