The Seiko 4006 Bell-Matic series

This model was released as the 4006-7000 in Japan in November 1966 with a 27 jeweled movement. It was the first mechanical alarm watch to feature an automatic winding rotor. In the late 60's watches with more than 21 jewels had an excessive tariff attached upon import to the United States. So within a couple of years the jewel count dropped to 21 and finally to 17 jewels in 1969. They were produced until 1978.

Seiko Bell-Matic Alarm Watch (1977)

Ref. 4006-6040 | Calibre 4006A Automatic | 17 jewels | Diameter 39mm

With its beautiful dark blue sunburst dial with silver markers and a red alarm marker one of the most colorful watches in my collection. It has an integrated stainless steel bracelet which gives it a  huge presence upon your wrist.