Yema Rallygraf (1968)

Ref. 93.016 B | Calibre Valjoux 7730 hand wind | Diameter 39mm

The Rallygraf got famous when Mario Andretti won the Indy 500 in 1969 wearing this racing watch. Actually, it was branded Wesley's on the dial but it was definitely a Yema. Other Rallygrafs can be found under the brands LeJour (export) and Septa. Introduced in 1967 and re-released a couple of times after that. A new release is coming up in the summer of 2019.

This beautiful vintage chronograph has a 'dot over 90', it contains a Valjoux 7730 hand wind movement and a 45 minutes counter. It is also found with a 30 minutes counter. The creme signing on the dial refers to the dashboard of a racing car. The finish flags are another element underlining the racing spirit of the watch. The central chrono hand has an unfilled arrow-shape tip, characteristic for the 60's Yema chronographs.

Modèle Déposé

On many of the vintage Yema watches you will find the writing modèle déposé on the dial. This is the same as patend pending which can be found on vintage Swiss or American watches. This simply means that the watch brand applied for protection of the design, the technique etc. with the rights authority but didn't want to wait for their final approval before releasing the watch for the consumers to buy.

Other Rallygraf models

After the Yema Rallye 'Mario Andretti' the development of the Valjoux movements brought new versions of the Rallygraf. Valjoux 7733 (two meters), 7734 (two meters with date) and 7736 (3 meters). The Rallygraf Super, The Rallygraf Date, the 'fornica' Rallygraf and the Rallygraf 'brown sugar' are some examples.