Vulcain Cricket Alarm Watch 

Ref. s2315a | Vulcain Calibre 120 Manual Winding | Diameter 34mm

Vulcain Cricket (1947-1970)

The Vulcain Cricket was presented in 1947 and was the first wrist watch that could reliably remind the wearer of his daytime appointments or wake him in the morning. 

Robert Dittisham began experimenting with a resonance chamber like that of the cricket which he formed by fitting a two-part back on the watch case. The inner part of the back, which serves to enclose the watch case, is responsible for generating the sound. It is struck by the hammer and oscillates to produce sound waves. The outer back enhances the sound.

The President's Watch

In January 1953 the Chairman of the White House Press Photographer's presented Harry S. Truman a Vulcain Cricket. This marked the beginning of a tradition which continued right up to President Bill Clinton.

1956: During a press conference the Vulcain Cricket of Dwight D. Eisenhower sounded it's alarm for everyone to hear. This led to a new advertising slogan: "Do as Ike does!"