TIMEX Swing-a-Ling fashion watch (2001)

This special TIMEX watch is a reissue of the TIMEX Swing-a-ling watch of the 1950's.  A time period where ladies watches were both timepieces as elegant jewelry. In 2001 TIMEX decided to bring back the roaring 50's by reissuing this model, available in steel and gold tone and sold in Target (and Walmart) stores.

As you can see in the Ad featuring Kay Kendall, an English actress and comedienne, the TIMEX Swing-a-Ling could be used in 3 different ways. Bracelet and watch together around your wrist, as a bracelet without the watch and using the watch as a brooch. 

Another creative way of TIMEX selling watches and finding new ways to use watches in daily life. The TIMEX Key Ring Watch and the TIMEX Dashboard Watch / Desk Clock are different examples of their relentless search for additional sales.