Tissot PR Saphir Series

In the 80's and the 90's of the 20th Century Tissot released a series of Quartz watches which I got to know only recently but which appeal to me very much. As the PR Saphir name indicates the watches all have saphire crystals. Within this series there are diver models as well as elegant dress watches, an alarm model and even a moonphase chronograph can be found. Each on a beautiful jubilee like bracelet.

Tissot PR 100 Saphir Quartz Diver

From the 80's or 90's comes this beautiful ladies Tissot PR 100 Saphir. With it's black wafle dial, bicolor bezel and bicolor jubilee steel bracelet it has unpresedented presence on a ladies wrist despite it's diameter of only 25 millimeter.

Powered by the Tissot (ETA V8) F03312 quartz movement. It has the reference A-400 and was difined as a diving watch (100m)  Besides the diving watch, Tissot also offered a PR 100 Sonor alarm watch (ref. A-453) and a PR 100 automatic chronograph as the Tissot sales brochure from 1990 shows.

Luckily I was also able to get the men's version of the TIssot PR-100 Saphir (A-451). With a diameter of 34.8mm it has a nice wrist presence and the combination of the waffle dial, the stunning bezel and the jubilee-like bracelet in gold-steel really nails it!   

Tissot PR Sonor Saphir Alarm Watch

The alarm model of the Tissot PR Saphir Series. With the characteristic wafle dial, distinctive bezel and jubilee bracelet it definitely has the signature of this remarkable quartz series. Reference number is A-453. This alarm watch is powered by the ESA ETA 957.011.  

Tissot PR 100 Saphir Quartz Dress Watch

This ladies Tissot PR 100 Saphir Quartz is the dress watch model of this series. It has the same bi-color jubilee-like bracelet but has a totally different look. Nice though to have several ladies models of this PR1 00 series in my collection.

European Tissot PR100 Catalog