OMEGA Seamaster Megaquartz 32Hz (1974)

Ref. ST 196.0023 | Cal. Omega 1310 Quartz 32Hz | Diameter 39,5mm 

A beautiful chocolate brown dial in a massive 20 micron gold plated case on an original black Omega leather strap and buckle. Another 70's model with a great wrist presence. A vintage Omega Seamaster for the Italian market.


Omega Megaquartz

The 70's was a time of revolution in the watch industry. The world stood on the threshold of mass produced Asian (and Swiss) quartz movements. It was a time of massive change, the sky was the limit in terms of development and no Swiss company embraced this like Omega. 

Quartz brought accuracy to the marketplace with a variance of 5 seconds per month! Also they were far from cheap, in fact they were the top of the range watches at that time. The 2.4 Mhz models with the Calibre 1510 were the top models of Omega with an accuracy of 1 second per month.

Calibre 1310

The calibre 1310 Megaquartz 32Hz was Omega's 'economic' in-house quartz movement. It was introduced in 1973 and produced until 1978 and has 8 jewels. It has been found in several vintage Omega models, such as Constellation, Seamaster, Seamaster Mariner and Geneve models.

Watches with this calibre have two buttons on the right side of the case - above and below the crown. The lower button advances the calendar date whereas the upper button hacks the seconds hand for precise time setting.