Originally a series of Hamilton watches from the early sixties exclusively produced for the European market, hence the name Pan-Europ printed on the dial. In the early 70's the Pan-Europ models became a series of sports and tool watches. They originated from the famous Project 99, in which Hamilton - Heuer - Breitling were cooperating to be the first to release an automatic chronograph. It was the Calibre 11 Automatic movement these three created and that ended up in some iconic models.

Project 99

There were three watch groups racing to be the first to release an automatic chronograph in the late 60's; Zenith, Seiko and the joint Project 99 venture.  Zenith, would release its famed El Primero movement that found its way into many watches, including the Rolex Daytona.  Seiko, produced their 6139 movement that would later become the first automatic chronograph in space.  Project 99 created some of the era's best looking watches: the Heuer Monaco, the Heuer Autavia and the Hamilton Pan Europ.

The 70's Hamilton Pan-Europ product line

From 1969 onwards the Hamilton Pan-Europ models all got a number attached to the Pan-Europ model name. As you can see, the Pan-Europ family contains a range of distinctive typical 70's cases and dial and hands configurations. Most of them have a beautiful embossed Pegassus horse on the caseback. 

Pan-Europ 701:             men's, diameter 34mm, calibre 64A, 21 jewels, ref. 64058-3

Pan-Europ 702:             men's, diametyer 42mm, calibre 894A , 17 jewels, ref. 64065-3

Pan-Europ 703:             men's, diameter 38mm, calibre 11, chronograph, date, ref. 11003-3

Pan-Europ 704:             ladies, diameter 25mm, calibre 693, 17 jewels, date, ref, 79004-3

Pan-Europ 705:             ladies, diameter 25mm, calibre 791, 17 jewels, date, ref. 79005-4(goldplated)

Pan-Europ 707:             men's: diameter 38mm, calibre 11, chronograph, date, gmt, ref. 111003-3

Pan-Europ 701

Pan-Europ 702

Pan-Europ 703

Pan-Europ 704

Pan-Europ 705

Pan-Europe 707

My Hamilton Pan-Europ

All the beauties above were just a lead in to the Hamilton Pan-Europ that I actually have in my collection. It's the lady diver Pan-Europ 704 as displayed. Stainless steel case. Water resistant to 200 meters or 600 feet. On a black period correct rubber diver strap. 

And although almost all Hamilton Pan-Europ models have AUTOMATIC printed on the dial, mine has SELFWINDING. I just love these small details that make a watch in ones collection 'special'.