BULOVA Sea Hunter (1970's - 1980's)

One of my grail watches finally arrived. Ever since I was introduced to this, not your average dive watch, I was lost. One time I would have to have this watch. Even though I had been collecting vintage wrist watches for a long time, I had never come across this Bulova Sea Hunter untill a fellow WIS showed me his latest acquisition. Absolutely stunning! Now I have mine.

The Sea Hunter series of Bulova was an Italy only issued series of robust dive watches with a super domed crystal and a Squale case. Another characteristic is the Italian bling that was added. Super sized time elapsed bezels, copper toned registers and even plain highly polished bezels in steel or gold.

BULOVA Sea Hunter Diver Series

The Bulova Sea Hunter comes in several variants. Distinguishing characteristics are water resistence (200 meters or 1,000 meters), number of crowns (4, 3, 2 and 1), movement (manual wound or automatic), type of bezel (plain or elapsed time), dial (chrono or yachting) and color (black or white). It came on a black or red brown leather strap. All were cased in the sturdy Squale case and had the super domed crystal. 42mm in diameter, 19mm height, lug ot lug 48mm and 20mm lugsize.

Bulova Sea Hunter Diver Chronograph reference 11935

The combination of the gilt black dial, the copper registers, the huge steel dive bezel make this watch extraordinary. Extra feature is the crown at nine that fixates the bezel from turning while using the watch. Valjoux 7736 movement. Water resistant to 200 meters.  

Luckily I was able to get a NOS with the original Bulova price tag. Back then you had to pay 1,300,000 Italian lires for this watch. This reference 11935 was also available with a white dial. Also special diver chrono but I prefer the gilt black one. 

Bulova Sea Hunter Diver Chronograph rerefence 11934

The one that started it all, so to say. This reference made me fall in love with the Sea Hunter. A quirky diver with a plain higly polished bezel. Available with steel and gold bezel. 200 Meters water resistant. Valjoux 7736 handwinding movement.

Every single time I saw this piece on watch gatherings I couldn't help myself making photo's, wrist shots and ended up wearing this crazy cool diver chrono the whole time. My watch buddy succeeded in obtaining both the steel and gold bezel.

Bulova Sea Hunter Diver rerefence 11933

This two crown version of the Bulova Sea Hunter Diver Automatic is powered by the ETA 2824-2 movement and has a steel elapsed time bezel and is water resistant to 1,000 meters. Date window at four. Available in black and white.

With the crown at two you can fixate the bezel so that it doesn't turn when you use the watch (for diving). 

Bulova Sea Hunter Diver rerefence 11932 / 71932

According to the serial numbers engraved in the watch cases, this seems to be the first model in the Sea Hunter Diver series by Bulova. Plain or smooth bezel, crown at four, black or white dial, Powered by the automatic ETA 2824 movement. Water resistant to 1,000 meters. The first models only had Bulova and Automatic printed on the dial. Sea Hunter was engraved on the case back.

Later on Bulova put SEA HUNTER on the dial. The reference changed to 71932.

ELGIN Diver Chronograph (reference 11934)

Bulova wasn't the only brand using rhe MRP Squale case with super domed crystal. Several brands produced a Carribean dive watch with a water resistance to 1,000 meters. JENNY and Philip Watch are some of the more known brands. This ELGIN chronograph looks like an exact copy of the Bulova Sea Hunter Diver Chronograph. 

The only distinguishing elements of this chronograph are the white registers ELGIN used. Even the case back is the same. I assume LOEWS Corporation, who owned Bulova Watch Company at that time, also owned the brand name ELGIN. 

#TBT Bulova Sea Hunter Chronograph - One Wild Watch!

Can't get enough of this Bulova Sea Hunter? In the Fratello Watches serie #TBT (articles on vintage watches) Michael Stockton wrote an compelling article on this wild watch he had discovered at an auction of Watches of Knightsbridge and his hunt to obtain one. 

Happy reading: https://www.fratellowatches.com/tbt-bulova-sea-hunter-chronograph/#gref