Hamilton Nautilus 400 (1964)

The Hamilton Electric Nautilus series consists of 23 different watches. All watches have a round case and are fitted with the Calibre 505 movement. The model numbers indicate the metal of the cases. Nautilus 200 (solid 14K gold), Nautilus 400 (10K yellow gold filled), Nautilus 500 (stainless steel), Nautilus 600 (10K yellow rolled gold plated)  

As the picture of the Hamilton sales catalog shows the Nautilus 400 was also available with a Masonic dial. For only $ 125. Quite a bit of money back in the days.

A watch with provenance

Back in the days watches were a popular way of celebrating certain achievements. This specific Hamilton Nautilus 400 was given to mr. Carl Unis in 1964. At the time he was the Amateur Champion of the PGA Tour in the US for the state of Ohio. 

Divot Digger

'Divot Digger' refers to a movie from 1936 of the Little Rascals. A Divot Digger in golf is a person who's not that good in what he does. Carl Unis probably received this watch from his friends with a nod to his achievement in golf that year.

Hamilton Ventura, the most famous Hamilton Electric of them all

The Hamilton Ventura, a.k.a. the 'Elvis' watch, is one of the well known Hamilton Electrics. It skyrocketed when Elcis Presley wore the watch in the movie "Blue Hawai" in 1961.