My TIMEX collection 

TIMEX has played an important role in the history of American watch industry by producing affordable watches and therefor making it available for everyone. Because of the wide range of models they made and the availability for collectors as a result of the large numbers they produced, it's a brand worthwhile collecting. 

There are beautiful outspoken TIMEX models to be obtained at eBay or lokal trade markets. Make sure you get a working one however as the movements TIMEX used in the days were very robust but also almost impossible to service and fix afterwards.

Production date of TIMEX watches

Dating TIMEX watches is very easy to do as most watches have a specific number printed on the dial. Mostly @6 o'clock, sometimes @12 o'clock. The first 5 numbers are the model number, followed by the movement number used in the watch. The last 2 numbers represent the year the watch was produced. 

From 1963 until 1970 Timex used one number under the 6 numeral. Between 1971 and 1973 this number was broken up in two parts on both sides of the 6 numeral. From 1974 on a 0 was added to the second number.

Some TIMEX product lines

Although TIMEX has produced lots of different models, there are a few that were active over a very long period of time and are worth mentioning.

TIMEX Marlin - regular size hand winding waterproof / water resistant watches

TIMEX Viscount - automatic water resistant watches

TIMEX Sprite - small size men's hand winding waterproof / water resistant watches

TIMEX Electric - battery driven mechanical watches

TIMEX Cavatina - ladies watches

TIMEX Mercury - men's non-water resistant handwinding watches 

TIMEX High Fashion - ladies bracelet watches

TIMEX Skindiver and Sports - hand winding waterproof / water resistant watches

TIMEX Sportster - small size hand winding waterproof / water resistant watches

TIMEX Q - battery driven quartz watches