Yema Meangraf Sous Marine (1976)

Ref. 55129 | Cal. FE 3611 Automatic | Diameter 38mm

Just like the Yema Rallygraf chronograph this Yema Meangraf was a model aimed at the target group automotive sport fans. It has both a Tachymeter bezel and an inner "temps ecoulé" bezel to measure the average speed. It came in the colors yellow/orange, red and green. 

Sous Marine

Sous Marine on the dial means that the watch is waterproof. It also is the name of the case brand. Just like Caribean, Squale and EPSA they branded the dials of the watches which used their cases. 

Yema Meangraf (Ladies)

On the left you see the ladies size Yema Meangraf with a sub-second register @7 on a nice tropic rubber strap. On the right it's big brother project watch. This Meangraf is missing the white inner bezel ('temps écoulé') and the black outer 'kilometres' bezel. 

Managed to obtain both separately on eBay so the project is finished. Here beside it's automatic counterpart. Recently have been able to buy another version of this watch. The one with a gold-tone case from 1969. 

The crown on the Meangraf Racing collection

Finally acquired my Meangraf Super Racing. It's a Yema export watch from Portugal.