TIMEX Energy Cells or Batteries

Those of us who besides TIMEX mechanical watches also collect the early electro-mechanical TIMEX watches such as the TIMEX Electric, Electronic or the early Quartz watches often come across watches containing the old 'dead' TIMEX batteries. These batteries were named after a number of the alphabet (A to W) and often the battery type was engraved on the case back of the watch. 

As it is almost impossible to obtain old NOS TIMEX cells, the obvious question at hand is what equivalent batteries can be used that give the electro-mechanical movement the power it needs without causing damage. 

TIMEX Small Service Box

Recently I was able to buy a vintage 70's French TIMEX Small Service box. Meaning it was only used for swapping straps and bracelets, performing small service like oiling or replacing hands and putting in new batteries. Apart from the neccessary tools it also contains a 'guide d'equivalence piles' which translates in 'battery equivalent guide'.

I hope this guide helps you to get your TIMEX Electric, Electronic or Q Quartz watch running again.

The TIMEX Answer Book (1977)

In a 1977 publication of TIMEX called 'THE TIMEX ANSWER BOOK' you can also find some information on TIMEX energy cells, how to change them and how to set your watch after replacing the cell.

For the full content of the 'TIMEX ANSWER BOOK' please check out www.heritage1854.com 

TIMEX Dealer Catalogs

From 1978 onwards TIMEX put info on their energy cells in each dealer catalog or leaflet set they published. Therefor it's also a means to figure out the production year of your late 70's and early 80's battery powered TIMEX watch. 







For the full content of these TIMEX dealer catalogs please check out www.heritage1854.com