Sicura Formula One Chronograph (1975)

Ref. 929132 | Calibre EB 8429 Manual Winding | 17 jewels | Diameter 41mm

A stunning chronograph of the 70's. Although the movements they used weren't of a high quality, Sicura succeeded in this era to distinguish itself with colorful and appealing designs in the watches they released. 

Sicura and Breitling

Very often the quality and pricing of Breitling is used to offer Sicura watches on marketplaces. There is definitely a connection between the two brands, it has nothing to do with quality. The story is quite simple. The owner of Sicura bought the Breitling brand and  factories when Breitling went bankrupt in 1979 and then decided to move on with Breitling. This consequently meant the end of the brand Sicura. 

Sicura Sports (Chronographs) 1975