TIMEX el más vendido del mundo

According to the multitude of Spanish 60's and 70's TIMEX advertising, catalogs and displays available you can only conclude that Spain was an important market for TIMEX in that period. They used the slogan 'TIMEX, the most sold watch in the world' in all of their marketing advertisements. Supported by a male fist holding a TIMEX making a very strong and trustworthy brand image.

Here is a metal dealer display from the early seventies. You can place 4 TIMEX watches. On the right  a display communicating the guarantee of a year offered on all TIMEX watches and referring to the television campaign they had in Spain. 

TIMEX Television Sponsoring Tour de France

Television was a major means of comunication for TIMEX to reach the general public and the (potentiel) juwelers and retail partners. Not only through their worlwide and locally adapted advertising campaigns, but also through sponsorship of the tv coverage of the 'Tour de Francia' on Spanish national television. To endorse this sponsorship they send advertising cards as shown here.

Translation of the text on the endorsement card.


Each afternoon from the 28th on the chanels of Cadena S.E.R.

TIMEX offers

the final moments of each stage and the end classification of the

Tour de France

Spanish TIMEX Catalogs 1968 - 1969

These catalogs show some development in the way TIMEX marketed their watches to their retailers and the consumers. The 1968 catalog is pure product orientated where the watches are divided into the categories 'Senoras, Caballeros, Caballeros automaticos, Juveniles, Electricos'. Just showing the models and the usp's of the TIMEX watch (guarantee, unbreakable mainspring etc.).

In the 1969 catalog you see paintings / art of actual people in their natural environment where they can use the watches displayed. The sixties soon will become the seventies. A consumer oriented way of advertising emerges. 

Coleccion 1975 TIMEX

The abundance of the seventies is what comes over you when you take a look at the Spanish 1975 TIMEX catalog. When you are wearing your TIMEX watch you are right in the middle of it. Young, well dressed, socially active and good looking. Those seem to be the key characteristics. Over 90 models are displayed on a wide range of straps and bracelets. 

1976: TIMEX para las horas ...

A themed advertising campaign from TIMEX, emphasizing FUN, YOUTH, SPORTS, and showing the broad range of TIMEX models.