Tissot Electronic and Quartz PR 516 

Tissot was one of the companies who had to face the quartz revolution. So, after introducing their electronic movements in the early 70's they also released some quartz watches during the late 70's. Here are two fine examples. Robust, two-tone, bulky 70's watches.



Ref. 46672-3X | Cal. 430 (ESA 9150)

Ref. 40738 | Cal. Tissot Quartz 2031

The Tissot PR 516 series

The PR-series is one of the Tissot collections which is still being made today. The PR stands for 'Particulier Robuste' which means they were very precise and robust watches that could take a beating.  The PR516 was introduced in 1965 and had it's styling origins in motorsport in the 60's. 

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